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small pleasures and daily sparkle

I always carry a notebook round with me. In it, I scribble funny things I hear, shopping lists, notes from exhibitions I’ve been to, lists of films and books I need to see and read (is it really a travesty that I haven’t seen ‘Independance Day’?!), scraps of poems I like and ideas for blogs and articles. I also write down a few things I’m grateful for each day. The reason I do this, is because it really makes you actively search for the good things in life, the  ...

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some people who are fanning the shit out of life

I was scrolling through my facebook and twitter feeds t’other day, and it suddenly struck me what a web of creative and wonderful people I know, who are grabbing life by the balls and MAKING STUFF, putting in some graft and reaping the benefits. I felt such a glow of pride and pretty inspired, I wanted to punch the air and LEAP shouting “YES YOU BRAVE BITCHES.” I didn’t though because I was in the office. So I thought I’d do a shoutout for some of them, and  ...

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Jean-Paul Satre was wrong…

Satre was wrong when he said, “Hell is other people” because I know now being a resident of London, that hell is actually commuting. Commuting in London just absolutely fascinates me, mainly because people forget who they really are, all manners and etiquette are¬†HURLED out of the steamy, overheated¬†windows and London turns FERAL. Here’s some of the most common pitfalls and bugbears myself and other London folk experience on a daily basis. Once you’re crammed into a  ...

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Shopping jeans

Shopping jeans. Primark is the genuine shopping store which exhibits everything of customers longing and need. Women, Primark has stacked up their racks with an eminent accumulation of summer wear. Dresses, skirts, jumpsuits, Jeans and on and on Primark has it. Hence, drop into the closest Primark outlet and dress yourself up for summers. It is the best outlet to visit on the off chance that you are anticipating get the cutest accumulation of children Minnie mouse stripe dress. Purchasing  ...

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