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A Blue Christmas

I love Christmas. I love the tinsel, the tat, the sense of goodwill to all and mostly, I love the pigs in blankets. I’ve always been fortunate enough to be ensconced within the bosom of loved ones at this time of year, always felt the warm fuzzy glow of giving and generally felt a real happiness as I snuggle into my Christmas jumper. This year I feel different. I’ve made no secret of the fact on this ‘ere blog that I struggle with mental illness. That sometimes everything is TOO HARD and I  ...

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Ember Cottage, Cornwall

Last year before I headed off to the land of glitter and fairytales (panto) I took a little break down to Cornwall for a bit of R&R with one of my best mates. It did such a good job of rejuvenating me ready for a whole season of boos, hisses and it’s behind yous that I was keen to do it again  this year before I got my wings out one more time for the lads. So last month, me and Him toddled off down to Polruan, an ancient fishing village in South East Cornwall to stay at Ember Cottage.  ...

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Shakshuka at Cafe Loren

I love a full English breakfast as much as the next Brit. Pile my plate high with bacon, beans, eggs and sausage and I’m a happy morning bunny. However, there are times when I just fancy a little summin summin different and on these occasions, I love me some shakshuka. For those who aren’t familiar with this BLOOMING DELICIOUS Middle Eastern breakfast beast, it is softly poached eggs in a spicy tomato sauce, usually mopped up with challah bread. I recently popped along to Cafe  ...

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Food and Wine Pairing with M&S

They say as you get older your palate changes. As I find myself rearing up to 30, I can concur. I’ve started enjoying Stilton rather than just Dairylea, scallops as well as fish-fingers and these days, I would choose a glass of wine over a pint of snakebite (cut to my student self goggling at me in disbelief). Though my taste in alcoholic beverages is maturing (more quickly than the rest of me HA WHAT IS BEING AN ADULT THO I DON’T GET IT?) I still haven’t got the foggiest about which  ...

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