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10 Mind Games to Keep your Brain Happy

As an anxiety sufferer I have a whole host of techniques, methods and mechanisms in place to help reel in my worry if it ever starts to career out of control (i.e often).  However, lots of these take time, effort and equipment- working on a project, turning off my phone and settling down with a book or baking for example. But what happens when anxiety strikes suddenly in the middle of your day AS IS IT’S WONT. The truth is, we can’t always apply our tried and tested methods of  ...

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Couchella at Habitat

Well, the sun has begun to shine, the wild flowers are in bloom and pub gardens are slowly starting to fill up. This can only mean one thing- festival season will soon be upon us! I won’t lie- I’ve never actually been to  festival. I know it makes me sound like a spoiled little princess but I just hate camping. The whole idea of being DAMP all the time…nah, that is not for this hun. Luckily, last week home store haven Habitat had me covered when I went along to their  ...

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Saying Goodbye to The Biz

The rumours are true guys. Bloody Hell Brennan has bade goodbye to the Biz! FAREWELL ACTING! BYE AUDITIONS! SAYONARA REP FOLDERS! I know, I know what you’re all thinking. “But Katie, you’re literally the best actress ever to have walked on the planet, you should be getting a ‘MOST BRILL ACTRESS EVER IN THE WORLD’ award, you have such a natural performing gift and the voice of a nightingale (and also a butt that won’t quit)!” and I’m like,  ...

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Sheba, Brick Lane

This year I decided to make a London Bucket list. Tired as I am of always thinking ‘I really should do that’, I wanted to make more of this GLORIOUS city and do more varied things. Given that I tend to eat out a lot, a lot of my London bucket list pertains to food. I wanted to be more adventurous and eat at more exciting places rather than just always grabbing sandwiches from Pret and downloading Pizza Express vouchers (but also I do love me a Calabrese sweet baby cheesus). One  ...

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