NYC 2- I’m an EnglishWoman in New York…

Statue of LIberty

As we awoke on our second full day in the Big Apple, we were greeted by another GLORIOUS SPRING DAY. I hate to sound so stereotypically British, gabbing on about the weather, but given that the week before NYC had … Continue reading 

NYC 1- Start Spreadin’ the News…

top of the rock view 2

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or you, well, don’t read my blog (OH DO, IT MAKES MY DAY WHEN YOU DO!) you’ll know that recently I hopped on a plane and jetted off for my first ever trip … Continue reading 

Friday Feeling!

Yellow polka dot nail art

AHHH SALAAM AND GOOD EVENING TO YOU WORTHY FRIEND! Hope you’ve had a totally splendid couplea weeks. I DID BECAUSE I WENT TO NEW YORK! And my god, it was magnificent. I’ll obvvvv be writing more about the Big Apple … Continue reading 

Memphis at the Shaftesbury Theatre


WELL THIS IS THE BEST SHOW IN TOWN AT THE MOMENT! I’ve been desperate to catch Memphis ever since it opened to absolutely glittering reviews and just haven’t got round to it yet. BUT LADY LUCK OPENED HER HEART TO … Continue reading 

Friday Feeling!

Walt Whitman Quote- We were together, I forget the rest.

Sooooooooooooo in my attempt to be more hip and down with the blogosphere and trying to do some weekly scheduled posts, I failed miserably because ya know, life gets in the way and shit goes down and hey, Netflix ain’t … Continue reading 

Book Nook: My All Time Favourite Reads

Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier

It struck me t’other day how one of the things I rarely blog about is books. WHICH IS JUST WEIRD given how much I read, the fact I run a book club, my degree was in English Literature, how much … Continue reading