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A Family Trip to NYC

AHOY THERE FRIENDS. Been a while hasn’t it?! Soz about that, was busy living it up in the Big Apple then I was poorly and it’s taken me a while to get back to life. I’m juggling a bunch of jobs at the moment and trying to see people before I sell my soul to Panto-Land for another festive season so yeah,  things are a little bit hectic rn. BUT thought I’d share some of the antics we got up to in NYC a couple of weeks ago! It was a proper family get-together. Me, Mum,  ...

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Lumos Gala at Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Bet there’s an awful lot of you reading this post who are HUGE Harry Potter fans. You could quote the books, discuss which Hogwarts house you’d be in and what your wand would be made out of for hours. J.K Rowling is your Kween and you constantly screenshot her tweets to whatsapp to your pals with a crown emoji. But how many of you Potterheads know much about the charity she founded, Lumos? I didn’t know jack about it until I was approached and asked if I’d consider  ...

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Friday Feeling!

In a week that saw us all mourn the loss of The Great British Bake-Off to Channel 4 (SOB), here’s the good stuff that I found this week. MY BEST MATE IS HOME!  My best pal Izzy is home after living a year abroad with her fiance, and I could not be more happy about it. On Friday we gathered at The Taproom on Upper Street to sling back a few beers and toast their safe return to the bosom of their friends and family. A Midsummer Night’s Dream streamed  live from The Globe After a  ...

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Thoughts on EdFringe 2016.

It’s done. Edinburgh Fringe 2016. The dust has settled, the glitter is finally out of my pores and I’ve been firmly ensconced in the bosom of my family home for a good week now. I have so much to say about the whole experience that I wanted to just hang on before writing it up to really let my thoughts sort themselves out. AND I’M READY. So here’s the skinny on what I learnt. 1. It’s an Emotional Rollercoaster I’ve never done anything that has made me  ...

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