The Soho Grind


My vices in life are pretty simple. Give me a good coffee in the morning and a glass of something stronger in the evening and I’m happy. So you can imagine how I REJOICED at the prospect of spending the … Continue reading 



SO THE SUN ROSE ON OUR SECOND DAY IN THE ‘DAM! Well, the sun didn’t exactly rise, but the grey day crept into existence and we LEAPT  (staggered) out of bed, bright eyed and bushy tailed (bleary eyed and limp … Continue reading 

The AmsterDAM Busters!

The Holy Book

Ooh there’s just nothing more I enjoy than a good city break. Having had such a good time jaunting about Berlin earlier in the year, I jetted off for a cheeky little trip as a final fling before knuckling down … Continue reading 

Terror and Wonder at The British Library


I’ll be honest with you, I’ve never seen a single dud exhibition at the British Library. In my humble opinion, they’re always fascinating, with faultless attention to detail and lovely quirks, twists and turns to delight every visitor. As an … Continue reading 

Girl Myths Destroyed

Here's me, a girl, enjoying a pint on occasion

Apparently us gals can be a mysterious breed and I’m all about sharing the wealth of knowledge. So, here’s a few answers to some burning questions posed by chaps I’m pals with, about us humans traditionally known as the ‘fairer sex’ (although if the … Continue reading 

Urinetown at the Apollo Theatre


Last week I managed to catch Jamie Lloyd’s production of Urinetown in its lovely new West End home in the Apollo Theatre on Shaftesbury Avenue. Having originally seen the show when it was cosily housed in the lovely St James Theatre, … Continue reading 

Love Story at the Union Theatre/Joanna Riding Live In The Delfont Room


SO the sun rose on the second bumper day of theatre and  I was excited. I was off to the Union Theatre to see their production of Howard Goodall’s Love Story before heading over to the Delfont Rooms at the Prince of … Continue reading