London Coffee Festival

espresso martini

If you’re a keen clicker on this here blog of mine (and if not OH GO ON JOIN ME I’M WELL NICE I PROMISE!) you might remember a few weeks ago I went on a cute little coffee tour of … Continue reading 



I LOVE BEER. In fact, when I came cantering into the blogging world all wide-eyed and dizzy, my first ever blog post was about beer. So last week when the lovely lot over at genius food app Zomato invited me … Continue reading 

24 and a half hours in Amsterdam

tulips in amsterdam

How to spend 24 and a half hours in Amsterdam- A Guide by Bloody Hell Brennan Birdwatch Ride the tram Visit the Flower Market  Drink beer (obviously) Ponder a career in drug baroning Wear clogs Eat cheese (obviously)   Gaze … Continue reading 

Two Trips to the Royal Albert Hall

Royal Albert Hall

Standing like a huge domed coliseum at the edge of Hyde Park lies the Royal Albert Hall, home to hallowed classical concerts and full of culture vultures taking in various big name gigs. Last time I went  was to see … Continue reading 

Friday Feeling!

tulips in amsterdam

Party people HEY it’s Friday Night! Well, almost. HI GUYS hope you’ve had an an absolutely SMASHING couplea weeks. Mine’s been aaaabsolutely crazy with a gazillion lovely things going on, lots of which will get their own post if I … Continue reading 

East London Coffee Tour

Yes that is my phone case and yes it is so disgustingly brilliant.

I don’t know about you guys, but sometimes the mornings are a real struggle. It’s a cliche to harp on about what a monster one can be before you’ve had a strong hit of caffeine of a morning, but honestly, … Continue reading 

21 Reasons it’s GREAT to be British


April the 23rd always strikes me as a most glorious day to celebrate being British. St Georges Day and William Shakespeare’s Birthday, two absolute lads of British history and identity. Something that truly makes me deeply sad is how many … Continue reading 

Friday Feeling!


Right HIYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA huns hope you’re well and have had a LOVELY OLD WEEK! Mine’s been a bit crazy, feel like I’m HERE and THERE and also EVERYWHERE at the moment! But still- here’s the stuff that’s made the world a … Continue reading