Friday Feeling

Miniature Gin

Here’s ten good things from this week that have all contributed to this BITCHING FRIDAY FEELING AMMA RIGHT LAYDEEZ? (And gents of course, I love all you male BHB readers too, especially when you continue to read after all the … Continue reading 

Rocket, Holborn

Spicy Mediterranean Sausage Pizza wiith gorgonzola, roasted tomato, aubergine, peppers & caramelised red onion

Given that I spend A LOT of time at the theatre, it’s always good to expand one’s knowledge of places to munch in theatreland that won’t BREAK THE BANK. Last week, the lovely lot at Rocket in Holborn invited me … Continue reading 

Grimm Tales at The OXO Tower


Some stories are just forever fascinating. The yarns from the mouths of the Brothers Grimm are such, constantly being retold, rejuvenated and reimagined. The version currently playing at The Bargehouse under the direction of Philip Wilson combines and stunning design … Continue reading 

The Ecclestone Square Hotel

Parma Ham and Burrata Salad

Review by Ed Nightingale  It was one of those kinds of days for us all. The rain drenching London on the way to work. Tube delays not just in the morning but the evening as well. Spreadsheets going awry. Important meetings … Continue reading 

Into The Woods

Meryl rocking out the blue hair, so on trend hun

Could there be more of a buzz around the opening of Into the Woods?! For weeks, nay MONTHS now my social media feeds have been awash with squealing stageys posting teasers, trailers, photos and clips of the latest collaboration between … Continue reading